Unlock the Future of Security with DEN SmartStrike™

Welcome to DEN Smarthome, where innovation meets security. We bring you the DEN SmartStrike™, the first wireless, communicating door strike—a truly disruptive innovation in access control, installs easily and discreetly in the door frame.

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DEN SmartStrike™ Becomes World’s First Z-Wave® Smart Door Strike.

Innovative access control hardware receives Z-Wave Plus Long Range certification.

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A New Way To Unlock.

The DEN SmartStrike is the new way to protect your loved ones and your home or business in a convenient way and feel a peace of mind. Order your DEN SmartStrike™ now and unlock a new world of convenience and safety.

  • Beauty + Brains

    Your customers can now keep their beautiful door hardware, with the benefits of a smart lock.

  • Easy Inventory Management

    The invisible nature eliminates the need to stock colors and hardware styles.

  • Smart Home Connectivity

    With BLE and Z-Wave 800 Series compatibility, it “talks": to thousands of other smart devices from hundreds of brands.

  • User-Friendly App

    With Remote Access, Unique Access Codes— grant access to others at specific times, and get Real-Time Notifications with the peace of mind of complete access history.

DEN SmartStrike™: A Mark of Distinction in Smart Home Innovation

When you choose DEN SmartStrike™, you’re investing in a product that has been rigorously tested and highly praised by experts in smart home technology. Our accolades are your assurance that you're bringing an award-winning level of safety and convenience into your home or business.

DEN Lets You Do You

Freedom meets functionality: Keep your style, upgrade your security.

In today's age of smart homes, customization and individuality should never be compromised for the sake of security. That's where DEN SmartStrike™ shines. Our cutting-edge technology brings you all the security and convenience you expect from a smart door lock, without forcing you to give up the aesthetic you love.

Why change your door hardware when you don't have to? DEN SmartStrike™ installs discreetly in your door frame, leaving your existing door handle, and your unique sense of style, untouched.

Rest easy knowing that while your door's appearance remains the same, its security is massively enhanced. With the DEN SmartStrike™, you'll receive real-time notifications, have the ability to assign unique access codes, and manage it all from a user-friendly mobile app.

About DEN Smarthome

In an industry where credibility is key, DEN Smarthome brings you the assurance of a time-tested legacy. Founded by the pioneers behind Ankerslot—a name synonymous with top-tier European access control products—DEN is the future of smart home security.

For 75 years, Ankerslot has set the standard for craftsmanship, innovation, and reliability. Our products are not just built; they are masterfully engineered to meet the most uncompromising standards. With DEN, we bring that same ethos of quality to a new generation eager for sophisticated electronic access control.

Meet the DEN SmartStrike™, our groundbreaking smart lock system that combines our rich manufacturing heritage with cutting-edge technology. It's not just an advancement; it's a revolution in how we protect our homes, businesses, and loved ones. We are thrilled to bring our unique blend of seasoned craftsmanship and modern innovation to American consumers.

DEN SmartStrike™

The first wireless, communicating door strike—a truly disruptive innovation in access control, installs easily and discreetly in the door frame. Order the DEN SmartStrike™ now.

  • Rock-Solid Industrial Design

    Expertly milled with only four simple moving parts.

  • Long Battery Life

    Long operation time running on two Lithium AA batteries

The App

Complete control from one easy-to-use mobile app. Available for iOS and Android.

DEN Smarthome App
  • Location

    Unlock your door, set the SmartStrike's hold time, change the current location or register a new SmartStrike™.

  • Profile

    Change name or image, enable biometric authentication like Face ID or fingerprint.

  • Notifications

    Get notified when someone enters or leaves your door and when your battery is running low.

  • Activity

    See who, when, and where is using your door.

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What others say about DEN

“Your door can join your smart home without advertising it to the outside world or your needing to change the look of your hardware.”

“DEN’s SmartStrike is for those who prefer to not change out the entire handle of their door when getting a smart lock.”

“DEN Smart Home SmartStrike cuts the time required to install an electric door strike by more than one hour.”

  • Meet the founder

    DEN CEO Marijn van der Wal, also serves as Ankerslot CEO, since taking the helm from his father, Jan Willem van der Wal in 2019. Marijn built his expertise by starting in a project management role and eventually leading Management and Sales teams. With his vision, energy and strong understanding of electronic access control systems and their capabilities, the award-winning DEN SmartStrike was created.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the DEN SmartStrike powered?

There is no need for wires, the SmartStrike simply runs on two AA batteries.

How often do you have to change batteries?

Because of the low amount of power that is used, the batteries will last approximately two years. The app will alert the user early and often when the batteries are low.

What is the price of the DEN SmartStrike?

$199 USD retail, competitively priced lower than most smart locks.

What are the dimensions of the DEN SmartStrike?

The dimensions and more can be found in our data sheet here.

Why not just use a smart lock?

With the DEN SmartStrike, the end customer experiences all the security and convenience of a smart door lock with the freedom of keeping their existing door hardware design. Distributors and dealers love the easy inventory management because the invisible nature eliminates the need to stock colors and hardware styles. Many people don’t want to announce to the neighborhood that they have smart access control.

My questions weren't answered here. How can I ask more questions?

We love talking with potential customers about the DEN SmartStrike.

Award winning

Recognized for it's innovative design, the DEN SmartStrike won multiple innovation awards.

CES SmartHome Division Winner
CES SmartHome Division Winner
CES Innovation Awards Honoree
CES Innovation Awards Honoree
CEPRO Best Product Award
CEPRO Best Product Award
Best of show CEDIA 2023
Best of show CEDIA 2023