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DEN SmartStrike™ (Dealers)

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DEN SmartStrike™ (limited to 1 sample)

Strong, discreet, smart security that allows home and business owners to enjoy their existing door hardware preference.

Do you want to order more than one sample? Are you considering becoming a distributor or dealer for DEN Smarthome? For substantial order inquiries, please reach out to Lew (Email: lew@densmarthome.com) to explore your options. 

Whether you're looking to enhance multiple homes or become part of our growing network of distributors and dealers, we're here to discuss your specific needs.  


  • BEAUTY + BRAINS: Your customers can now keep their beautiful door hardware with the benefits of a smart lock.
  • ROCK-SOLID DESIGN: Expertly milled with only four simple moving parts.
  • EASY INVENTORY MANAGEMENT: The invisible nature eliminates the need to stock colors and hardware styles.
  • SMART HOME CONNECTIVITY: With Z-Wave 800 Series and BLE connectivity, it “talks” to thousands of smart devices from hundreds of brands.
  • USER FRIENDLY DEN APP: Remote Access, Unique Access Codes—grant access to others at specific times, and Real-Time Notifications with the peace of mind of complete access history.

If you have any questions about the DEN SmartStrike™, contact us here.

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The first wireless, communicating door strike—a truly disruptive innovation in access control, installs easily and discreetly in the door frame.

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